Remember when Madonna made epic music videos?

Well, she’s back at doing exactly just that again with ‘Ghosttown’ which just dropped. This isn’t some throwaway video. This has a story. This is a visual spectacular. This isn’t her riding on the back of car lip-syncing to grabber ons.

What was particularly interesting about ‘Ghosttown’ was that I got a message from the hot new app Meerkat saying Madonna was live streaming. And as curious as I was, I clicked onto the stream to see the world fucking premiere of the ‘Ghosttown’ video being played back live.

Leave it to Madonna to lead the trends, buck the regular and go with something new, something like Meerkat to drop a video. It was fucking brilliant and only 4000 of us got to see it first before she dropped it on Vevo.

Bravo Madonna. This is why you’re the Queen. I’m living for your love right now.

But wait there’s more. Download this awesome ‘Living For Love’ remix by Ryan Tennison now. It’s really good too.