Virtual Self is the assumed, alter-ego electronic maestro Porter Robinson is currently working under as a side project. The electronic wunderkind/producer who has millions of plays under his belt when releasing under his, own name created Virtual Self so that he could expand upon his visual creativity as well as experimenting further within the electronic realm. The new enterprise launched with the self-titled “Visual Self” EP late last year, the techno-leaning track “Ghost Voices” plucked from the release is the first to receive a futuristic, digitised visual treatment.

What strikes me most about the track, is that it unashamedly delves back into the old school techno-house grooves but nonetheless, feels hypnotic and familiar. I’m not so easily swayed when it comes to instrumental pieces but the soaring, euphoric tones which propel the melody along, are so immeasurably hook-laden and spectacular. It becomes hard to ignore the pounding beats and neon glowing melody which transport you back to a time when Delerium Feat. Sarah Mclachlan’s “Silence” first brought the electronic sub-genre to prominence.

The accompanying video forms the concept of a digitalised world, where we see a room stacked full of monitors which are projecting flickering images as if acting, as transponders encoding signals from another world. Couple these grainy images with the songs main electronic refrain playing on a loop, the whole mood has a similarity to the iconic mothership scene of Steven Spielberg’s classic sci-fi movie “Close Encounters of the Third Kind“. If Porter Robinson’s, Virtual Self is raising the levels of epicness with the same sort of power to take your breath away as cinema blockbusters the world better sit up and take note, from the young messiah. That a new techno classic for the ages has, arrived.

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