Music artist Zac Poor has excited me with his musical talent since back in the day. I have witnessed his music evolution from 2010 to the present. Although, I rarely see music artists do something so remarkable that it makes me stop and take notice. Unexpectedly as it turned out. I was in for a treat yesterday morning when I found out the video to Zac’s current release, “Ghost Boy,” at that time, had just premiered online.

To say that the song is his most important one ever. This is only the tip of the iceberg of praise that Zac deserves for his courage in writing, recording and releasing it. Since, because recently in a series of emotional Instagram posts, he opened up a lot on a personal level. He explained he wrote a letter to his younger self about a year and a half ago and had turned it into the song “Ghost Boy“.

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The letter/lyrics describe a childhood experience that impacted him greatly as Zac grew up. He encountered hatred for the first time as a child. It further mentions that at 31 years old, he learned to make peace with himself. The song traverses sadness, truth, authenticity and hope.

Yet the music video is moreover deeply affecting and incredibly poignant. Since in the Ameerah Roelants + Zac Poor directed video clip, we see him openly embrace his feminine side. For the visual, he is joined by his niece Bella Poor. She assists with helping to bring this healing story to life.

In a personal statement dedicated to Bella, expressing his gratitude, Zac said

“You helped to tell a story about a young boy too scared to look in the mirror because he was told who he was, was ugly. Thankfully that boy grew up to learn how beautiful he was.

Beautiful because he was kind.

Beautiful because he was different.

Beautiful because he was gentle.

Beautiful because he was feminine.

Beautiful because he was queer.

Beautiful because he was brave enough to love despite being hated for it”.

It is my hope Zac does not mind that I repost such a personal message. Since I believe this story and his experiences can benefit other members of the LGBTQ+ community, I am sharing them with you today.

Zac Poor has most recently co-written songs for Tate McRae and MNEK. He is currently writing his debut album, “Years Of My Youth.” The LGBTQ+ inspired anthem “Ghost Boy” is the lead single.

Stay tuned to Zac Poor since I have an inkling, that the new music will continue to both inspire and excite in equal measure.

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