jagmac 1

Take a look in here at sibling united band Jagmac, the sisters and brothers pop outfit from out of Baltimore who struck up a pop, rapping urban fusion on their debut single release of “Existence” earlier this year.

We caught them demonstrating their ninja moves too as they went on to deliver a high impact video of fast paced action and it put to good use their martial skills, to which alongside the music career they also teach. So yes however cutealicious these guys look, they definitely know how to kick ass in the most self-defensive sense of the word and well not only so much that, as they are also pretty in-tune with each other behind their mics in a pop catchy kind of way.

So Jagmac are now in a place where they are ready to whip up a storm with their follow-up single “Get Your Groove Back”, as the title suggests it comes pumped with a pop funk groove intact and that includes the full retro throwback of funk guitars, and horns. On this one Jagmac sound quite like a late 70’s going into the early 80’s version of what S Club could have been putting out at that particular juncture in time. That being retrofunkgasmically trippy! Whilst it also strikes me that the vocals from sisters Alyssa and Angelique do have an air of Moulin Rouge era Christina Aguilera / Ariana Grande like powerhouse quality about them here, that didn’t so much come through on their previous single release. But anyway let’s face it, in attempting to pin down the Jagmac sound – S Club, Christina Aguilera, Ariana Grande are some pop glittering names to be throwing around aren’t they? It’s all truth to my mind, I speak as I find it suits.

To launch the campaign the band have stuck out a behind the scenes video, that in some respects if this was another band this might actually be considered as their finished video proper, as hey if there is a sound of a beat dropping to be heard Jagmac’s feet are instinctively seen to launch into dance move action.

Get Your Groove Back” is wholesomely funky fresh and a retro sized popalicious package all rolled into one. I quite see it to be the kind of track you’d be wise to seek out if your mojo has gone awol, as a blast of this, horns and all, should see that you’re back on track on the sunny side of life again.