Five years ago, I stumbled upon Australian singer-songwriter Eves The Behavior track “Electrical” on the world wide web. A dark synth-pop offering with a dreamy, electronic groove, where I noted similarities to Chvrches and Tove Lo. The name she was recording under back then allowed her to be enigmatic while breaking out. She has since returned to recording under her birth name Karydas while continuing to branch out with an increasingly heightened alternative pop sound. I have wanted to pick back up with Eves for a while. The latest release “Get Me So High” stands out as being rife with buzzy, pop sensibilities while bristling with heart-on-the-sleeve lyrics. And, as such falls in line with our coverage on EQ.

Eves debut album “summerskin” dropped in 2018. The shimmery synth-pop strewn work earned praise from critics proclaiming it as being radio-ready, triumphant, polished, fun, reflective and emotional. The work now begins again in earnest backing up those statements by releasing new songs. “Get Me So High” is the second single Eves has released this year. An endearing, frothy pop bop, replete with a toe-tapping, hand-clapping, staccato-beat, melody.

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Speaking of the track, Karydas shares: “Someone once said to me “being in love is like being given drugs for free”. At the time I was experiencing a real lack of security in the relationship I was in. I was constantly on edge and allowing the other person to dictate whether my mood was up or down. It left me feeling so unhinged. The annoying part of it all was that no matter how many lows and red flags there were, I was addicted to the highs. It clouded my vision. I like to joke that this song is what you get when three girls in their twenties sit in a room together talking about their disastrous love lives.”

If this is the sound she is now sporting going in her next chapter, I am excited. She is totally inline with her contemporaries in pop, but there is still space for Eves to grab a slice of the action for herself. What with this song and CXLOE’s recent stellar offerings, between them the ladies have put Australian pop back on the map for me again.

Tune in to Eves music video for “Get Me So High” to feel all the feels.

Connect with Eves Karydas
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/eveskarydas/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/eveskarydas
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/eveskarydas/

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