Mimi 1

Indulge us, as we set about playing catch-up with this boppy hipster infectious, indie-pop track that I’ve just been alerted to from Berlin based outfit MiMi and the MAD NOISE FACTORY.

Even before pressing play I had a full vote of confidence surrounding MiMi and her band to deliver upon the tuneage, as with regard to first point of engagement, groovilicious MiMi’s striking image does remind me of Deee-Lite’s Lady Miss Kier. This actually, might be more than a co-incidence when learning there are more similarities between the two. The biggest being that both are also keen fashion designers, (a factoid which will also assist in the understanding of the video and track “Get Me Back” which we are now going to look further at).

Get Me Back” which is included on the movie soundtrack to British rom-com “Love Rosie”, is a brazenly upbeat diddy made out of the irresistibly toe-tapping kind of indie pop. Actually NO! strike the toe-tapping, the infectious melody would actually give cause to set off spontaneous eruption of bodily parts twitching. The raising of shoulders. Clicking of fingers. A little bit of hip sway action. When put altogether from the comfort of your couch, it’s quite a sofa workout!

The movie of course features heavily in the accompanying video, not forgetting the fashion element I was so keen to raise earlier, as we also get to see MiMi sketching out intricate print designs for clothing, which are made-up into the wardrobe of garments that MiMi wears. Guess you could say, it’s properly like the fashion haus of MiMi, with niche designs inspired by Alison Uttley and Beatrix Potter!