Solomon Grey 1

When Solomon Grey piqued my interest with taster track “Firechild” last year, I quite instantly became nothing but obsessed with it to be honest. Out of the hundreds and thousands of new tracks from emerging artists that I get to listen to, above others it was the project of Solomon Grey that I have been amongst the keenest to hear more of, as the style, the presence, the package of it all is so classy and to quote my review I was “captivated by this aesthetically sleek project”.

The true beginning of Solomon Grey begins here through the official debut “Gen V”.

Oh and the glory of the electronica is nothing short of being sublime to the ear, it carries that sophisticated edge of classic sensibility that really does cement my initial thoughts on this project as being something extremely special.

Fluid lines of electronica, touching upon the melancholy and swept up in cultured emotional elegance. The sheer beauty of “Gen V” provides a stop in your tracks moment of reflection amongst the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Listen in as this, as it is on all levels impressive and quite simply some of the most alluring electronica you’ll hear this year from an emerging act of the highest calibre.