At a time when all eyes are on established pop stars as they gratefully collect their Grammy and BRIT Awards. The newbies and the new rising stars on the music scene have taken it upon themselves to launch an abundance of new music offerings. If you can imagine a room filled with people all listening to a different radio station at the same time. Then you can get an idea of what my inbox has sounded like lately. Nonetheless, making their voice heard above the crowd today is LOWES. They are an impressive electronic-pop trio from Lancashire. And the 80s-inspired dance anthem “Game Of Love” is their latest track.

The first thing that occurred to me when I dutifully tuned in for a listen of “Game Of Love,” was that I was curiously reminded of London Grammar. I feel this is because in the track “Game Of Love,” LOWES explores a widescreen sound aesthetic, and additionally, frontwoman Evie‘s vocal is somewhat ethereal and transcendent. Similarly, Hannah Reid of London Grammar exhibits her own distinctive Lark-like qualities. Evie also evokes her own beautiful songbird-esque voice.

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I also discovered that to fully click with the music video, I needed to connect with the song lyrics first and foremost. Basically, since the Taisha Deeva-directed video is a storyboard bringing to life the red flags in a relationship and covers various associated themes explored in the song.

LOWES says,

“Originally, the lyrics of this song came from the idea that we have an increasingly ‘throwaway’ attitude to our relationships… an unwillingness to fix what is broken and persevere to make things work. Using the analogy of paper plates, broken China, and being ‘all out of detergent / all out of answers”.

As the video unfolds, we see Evie sneak into a fairground. The aim is to illustrate a child-like intrigue. The clip goes on to express feelings of embracing authenticity and freedom.

This beautiful and affecting song, “Game Of Love,” also with their epic catchy choruses and delicious synths. It is hard to resist the allure of LOWES. Please, hear me out. I am a little bit adoring this exceptional electronic-pop anthem. Is there are doubt, they are a band tailor-made for mainstream success?

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