I guess the strongest image of Blondie that stays with most people would be the “Heart Of Glass”, “Rapture” or even “Atomic” videos, each one iconic in their own way, but then again you could say that about the whole back catalogue of Blondie’s visuals.

As leaders of the new wave movement, Blondie have always had a powerful identity, aside the obvious in Debbie Harry. And even though the band first shot to fame in the 1970’s, they return time and time again to remind the young pop things that a band of iconic enormity remain relevant and push creative energy with the best of them. Let’s face it, in some modern pop icons circumstances better than them!

The news is, Blondie have a new album about to pop, it’s called “Pollinator” and a whole of host of very popstarry collaborators have chipped in with writing the lyrics and such. Sia’s there of course (now there’s a surprise, huh!) Johnny Marr of The Smiths (could be a moody little collab that one) ooo and petulant pop maker of angsty driven anthems, Charli XCX.

Before any of that finds its way out to us. The original rock chick, Debbie Harry and her band are in the mood for some “Fun”, well so says the first focus track of this campaign.

A revelry of intergalactic disconess, like life on mars pushed through a wormhole. We are sent into a kaleidoscopic prism of colours, party times and shenanigans.

What of it that Debbie Harry is a fabulous 71 years of age. Gurl still got it! Seriously jaw dropping W-O-W!