Rayelle knows what success feels like because she has been blessed with some very impressive accomplishments to date. The Nashville singer-songwriter has pretty much smashed it writing tracks which have gone on to receive TV placements, for TV shows, commercials and films. Not forgetting to mention that both Demi Lovato and Mariah Carey have both recorded songs she has written. To be honest, while I didn’t know her by name, I sure knew one of Rayelle’s most significant tracks. Her spunky song “Get Dat” which was used in the recent Samsung Galaxy S10 digital campaigns. I know the funky beat along with the tracks mesmerising refrain instantly burrowed itself into my brain.

Some pop artists might struggle to come back from, achievements, as huge as this, but not Rayelle. She has pop hits dripping like water from her fingertips, today she comes through with another undeniable anthem, storming pop track “Freedom.”

“My intention with this song is to encourage the listener to fully embrace, love and accept themselves and the people around them,” Rayelle explains. “It’s a call for freedom of all people in the world, regardless of race, gender, or sexual orientation to live our most authentic lives, proud of who we are and our differences.” Rayelle

Is it a happy coincidence that this song comes in Pride’s fiftieth anniversary year? I think not. Regardless, “Freedom” is a very timely song. Which to be quite honest, feels certain to follow suit by heading up some other media campaign or other. The track alone is punchy and bold. Rayelle saved up some fierceness for the music video. To get the message of the song across, she’s brought together some really, beautiful souls who are bravely living their authentic lives. The clip features, among a host of others, Trans Femme GNC/NB Drag Performer Miss Barbie-Q, Jake Anthony and Matt Marr (producers and hosts on Sissy That Talk podcast Network,) Parisa Parnian, founder of multi-platform lifestyle brand Savage Muse.

If the song wasn’t uplifting enough, this colourful cast gives it large in the attitude and dance departments. When you press play on either the song or the video, be prepared to wear a smile. The flamboyant energy and inspiring spirit of the track are contagious. “Freedom” will turn heads in several ways, not least that the song refuses to leave our brains, long after listening.

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