A retro feeling took hold of me as soon as I saw Lauta’s new video for her club smash “Free Falling” (released earlier this year.) The Ukrainian singer-songwriter takes us back to the 90s on the release with stylish visuals, a lot of neon lights and vogue poses to the camera as she models the life out of a range of figure-hugging bodysuits. It’s just the look, Kylie and Madonna went for in their prominent disco eras. She looks every inch the poster girl who covers high-end fashion magazines like Tatler, Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue.

Since Lauta parted from the popular Ukrainian girl group Hollywood FM, she’s been rebuilding her life after being uprooted from the Ukraine and relocating to Paris when political turmoil erupted in the Eastern European country. After a period of upheaval, Lauta reignited her creative ambitions to pursue her dream of becoming a solo artist. The hard work and results culminate in debut release “Free Falling“.

As for the music itself, the vibe is cool, chic and sultry featuring drum N bass rhythms with EDM and pop hooks driven by Lauta’s captivating vocals. In a time when the majority of dance music sounds like The Chainsmokers, it’s a welcome release to hear some 90s turned beats, vocals and visuals. It all goes to prove there is more going on than first meets the eye with emerging pop star Lauta and we should be watching for her next move. We’re on alert. Are you?

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Twitter: @lautajulia
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lautajulia/