If there were to be a prize awarded for the most preserving Eurovision hopeful. Without a doubt it is Latvia’s Markus Riva, who would snatch the crown. This year. Competing for the twenty-third time in the competition. Latvia is, once again, on the lookout for a song and a representative. In the hope that the successful participant will steer the nation to Eurovision glory, come May. Using their national selection process, Supernova. The 15 acts up for consideration are now announced. For a record 9th attempt. Needless to say Markus Riva is back with the song “Forever.” Similarly as is the 2016 representative Justs Sirmais (who competed with the song “Heartbeat“) he returns for 2023 with a second attempt with his track “Strangers“.

Likewise. I believe that at some point, the persistence of Markus Riva will pay off. With this in mind. I have looked already at the songs in Supernova he is up against. From this mini investigation. I do consider with my findings. That with the track “Forever,” Markus has one of the strongest songs of the selection process this year. This is because, notably, the track stands out as the most musically upbeat offering in the 2023 line-up.

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In my view. “Forever” is a track that makes his previous attempts at Eurovision (“Dynamite“, “I Can“, et al) pale into the distance. Diving in the song and on closer inspection. I love the 80s aesthetic that is used through out. It is a style that is right up my alley. That I conclude. Regardless of the songs Eurovision potential. “Forever” is a rousing crowd-pleaser effort of electrifying pop proportions. In that, I feel, Markus will earn success with this song. Whether it be through the channel of a Eurovision entry or not.

Notably in this new offering. It is the smile-inducing song lyrics which exhibit a hopeful and positive tone. Furthermore, the music is immediately uplifting, vast and adrenaline-soaked. To sum up. The end result of all of these elements is nothing but truly euphoric in stance.

It is with thanks to his older music releases. Many of these that are not unlike “Forever“. That we noticed Markus in 2011 on the blog. Therefore, understandably because of this “Forever” is a song that holds an intoxicating hold on me. Yet, to others who are less aware of the music of Markus Riva. Only repeated listening to the music will reveal the tracks true riches in the long term.

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