It’s true to say I wasn’t an early adopter of FLETCHER’s pop crafting. Having had the singer’s recent track “Undrunk” peep up as a recommendation on my Spotify Discover Weekly Mixtape last year, I began to take a better look at her work and artistry. She has worked her musicality hard, her songwriting and vocal performance even harder. She’s no longer trailing the pop hierarchy. With brilliant tracks like “Undrunk” and the new single “Forever“, she’s definitely, an artist who is helping to shape the music scene right now.

There is no denying, that Dua Lipa has pop, thirsty music listeners, eating out of the palm of her hand. This could be the way that FLETCHER is, headed into as well. I haven’t seen it in the singer before, but “Forever” convinces me she has the right skills to carry this off on a much larger footing. She even got Jason Evigan who has produced for Dua, involved on this new release. Since she signed with Capitol Records in 2018, her music has really, started to lift-off. The Ethan Lader-directed video which accompanies the track is only, set to make FLETCHER’S profile soar higher.

“This song is about knowing who ‘the one’ might be but needing to find myself before I give that person my time forever,” says FLETCHER. “The relationships in my life are really important to me, but I’ve realised the one that I’ve been neglecting my entire life is the one I have with myself.”

There is no better way to get started with learning about herself than with this song and video. We see her really embracing her femininity while looking confident, and self-assured rocking her own, vibe. “Forever” can most certainly be notched up as a highlight in her music career to date, that has got me sitting up and paying much more attention. I am now very curious to know what other offerings of pop gold she has got hiding up her sleeve.

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