Client Liaison is an Australian synth pop duo whose funky, fresh and groovy tracks boast a nostalgic dance pop aesthetic, they have named faux-fi. The duo has proved popular on their home turf and has become well known for their rather kitsch throwback style. They are made up of Monte Morgan and Harvey Miller AO. Monte’s big mullet is as fine a specimen as Richard Marx and John Oates hairdo’s, back in the day. As for Harvey, well I think his fashion influence, has got to be Don Johnson.

It is true to say Client Liaison is a pop act with personality and a sense of fun, but underneath the quirky camaraderie, the music is rather good. The band have been smashing it in their native country of Australia, so they are hopping over the pond to the UK to introduce us to their brand of Aussie disco pop. In fact, the British interest in the duo has already seen their upcoming debut show sell out, so they’ve just announced another at KOKO in Camden on the 13th October.

Don’t be fooled by Client Liaison’s uncool image because if you do, you are not quite getting it. Tina Arena one of Australia’s highest selling female artists has struck up a friendship with the duo. The way I see it, if Tina deems Client Liaison is cool, that she’d jump at the chance to collaborate with them, she is definitely, seeing the bigger picture.

Tina Arena and Client Liaison may appear an unlikely trio, but let me tell you “A Foreign Affair“, sounds quite a lot like the Pet Shop Boys meets Pnau. If you’re a movie buff, you can just geek over the video which evokes a little of the zaniness of the Airplane! movies.

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