We at EQ Music Blog, like Alex Di Leo. He’s got a lot of pop sensibility going on. What I like even more about him is. He isn’t afraid to break free from the mould and try new things out. After writing about his 2020 single releases “Youth” and “Homesick“, I have had the feeling a change in music direction might be on the way. A change that was first hinted at by Alex around the release of “Youth“. Where he shared details about a pivotal sky diving trip. Judging by his Instagram posts, Alex has had a grim time recently (I jest), soaking up the Miami sun of his birth home. But he has also been hard at work putting new music together. The start of the next EP has already begun with the release of a new track called “Following Feelings“.

In this song, we see Alex on a journey of self-discovery. Where he decides a switch in mental attitude is in his best interests. “I turn off my brain. I’m gonna roll with my heart. Following feelings.” he sings. “Running through the red lights. Cause I ain’t afraid of making mistakes”. As if to say. He will stop at nothing to get to the place he wants to be in life.

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I sense with an EP eventually on the way, there will be more episodes from his road trips to dissect and talk about. For now, with “Following Feelings“, we are allowed to take a look at the world through his eyes. Where we are taking a ride downtown through the city streets and bars. Nice.

This track has a slick pop sound and a catchy melody that burrowed its way into my head in no time at all. I was singing along with the chorus after the second verse kicked in. (I was very quick, getting into it). Probably, the fastest I’ve ever gotten into an Alex Di Leo track if, I’m honest. I am excited by what I have heard here and am eager to find out other deliciousness awaits me as the new EP release evolves.

One thing is for sure. I know I will be streaming this ditty from Alex Di Leo into my ears lots in the coming days, weeks and months. Simply because it makes me feel really, good inside.

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