There is no such thing as living life by half-measures for Dorian Electra. The LA-based pop provocateur is proud to speak out, support, campaign for gender inclusivity. Music and performance is the way they have chosen to express these views. They are mostly intent on being unrestrained, well at least when choosing their striking visual aesthetics. Their songcraft and lyrics although somewhat colourful share their observations on life situations, gender roles and views on sexuality. In this respect, Dorian Electra has become a spokesperson on these topics, and their music reflects all that is fresh and vibrant about queer pop music right now. In their latest single “Flamboyant” they pay homage to the legendary ivories tinkler (British slang for playing the piano) Liberace.

To be honest, I haven’t heard anyone speak about their fondness for Liberace, ever, other than my dear old nan. What I wouldn’t give to hear her say, ‘ooh look at his f*ckin’ rings’ (bling) in her cockney voice, in real life again, rather than relying on my memory recall. (Bless her. She was a real hoot.) Dorian Electra for reals wanted to put on a spectacle for this track. With the help of a longtime collaborator, Weston Allen as co-director on this project they have achieved just that.

I appreciate Dorian Electra’s tongue-firmly-in-cheek style, but I also acknowledge the relevancy of their project as a whole. If zany pop musician Falco could find a way to celebrate classical pianist Amadeus (Mozart) then by my estimation, it is high time Liberace deserves some like-minded recognition as well.

Speaking on the track Electra states: “Historically, the word ‘flamboyant’ has been used as a derisive term to describe over-the-top queer expression. I wanted to reclaim this word in a proud and unapologetic way, while at the same time poking fun at the need for masculine egos to be the centre of attention at all times. Through satire in the video and track, I aim to take down this self-centred-bravado, while also encouraging a healthy level of confidence and self-love within one’s gender expression.”

Flamboyant” raises the stakes completely, for Dorian Electra, if anything the track embraces more of their individuality and unique, creative sound. Going forward, I have no hesitation in surmising their distinctive style will continue to carve a unique space in the musical landscape.

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