Role call to the Bajan pop females new firecracker of trance house proportions from Vita Chambers coming in!

I remember Vita Chambers name breaking out a few years ago, when she was a mere snippet of a Mz exciting Myspace thing, babycakes went on to tour with Justin Bieber n’ all but anyway here she is shedding her adolescent peachiness and returning with a florescent glow of all woman confidence about her.

Shout up! Vita plays the video heroine card here, and with her big power voice I’d not be one to shout her down in argument either if she turned up at my front door ringing out her range of decibels. Whoa from R’n’B practical to almost off the scale soprano territory!

Time indeed has nurtured a talent.

Fix You - Single - Vita Chambers

[youtube height=”360″ width=”640″][/youtube]