It has been one week since I returned from my holiday in California and I am still adjusting to my usual routine. On a regular basis I find myself fumbling through pictures and comparing everything to San Francisco. I never wanted to be that guy, but I was captivated by all the city had to offer. There was always something great to do like exploring amazing nature trails and visiting unique bars and museums.

What lead me to the far west of the United States was British musician and producer Bonobo. Unlike your average electronic producer, when the timing is right Bonobo turns his album into a live show complete with a full band. The downtempo pioneer impressed the ecstatic crowd at The Warfield on Market Street with his melodic compositions and guest vocalists. Fans cheered as his latest album “The North Borders” came to life right before our eyes. He even surprised audience members with his collaboration with Erykah Badu who opened the show as DJ Low Down Loretta Brown. The two sang their tune, “Heaven for the Sinner” and Erykah’s 2000 hit, “Bag Lady.”

As I shift back to my eastern US way of life I find myself even more connected to Bonobo and “The North Borders.” The latest single, “First Fires” is a great follow up to the first single and show opener, “Cirrus.” The new music video directed by Young Replicant proves that music videos are still worth checking out. Watch as actors Salomon Anaya and Caitriona Balfe greatly portray the captivating story of a struggling relationship. The track features vocals by fellow Ninja Tune artist Grey Reverend.