Solomon Grey

Photo: Aaron Dorey

Presented as the buzz on the introduction to electronica project Solomon Grey last year “Firechild” seals it’s placing as the sophomore single in follow up to the recent debut this summer of “Gen V”.

The instant engagement I felt off of “Firechild” has not abated in the slightest, as here we have a precision structured arrangement of electronic prowess, which is refined in placement and legitimately suited to capture radio audiences.

The listener is initially guided by the mesmerisingly driving synth backbone that in-turn heightens upon focus of the impassioned vocal delivery that chronicles a desire to break-free of being fed by the corporate system, to strike out and venture out on a limb in creating your own vision and opportunities, whilst portraying the complexities and struggles that ensue.

A premium composition such as this is worthy of star treatment and that is just what has been given, as fronting the video campaign is Andre Royo of HBO series “The Wire” who brings the pictorial to life with a revelatory freeing performance.

Pre-order via Black Butter Records.