zedd matthew koma miriam bryant

Each of the following artists have found themselves previously featured individually here on EQ for an array of their own projects, so when formed as a collaborative trio with production heavyweight Zedd at the wheel of things, we can be confidently assured that what results is likely to knock spots off your average pop combo.

Featuring silky styled vocalist Matthew Koma alongside Swedish vocal powerhouse Miriam Bryant, the three come together to offer an EDM uplifting and vocally soaring jolt of pure anthem charged buzz with “Find You”.

This is a track that roars on the right side, balanced in both equal measure of energy and vocally given talent, all at the fast paced direction of it’s dance production steerage and never giving out at any point on it’s initial expectant promise of being scintillatingly glossy, with head turning electro power behind it all.

Find You” has already attracted a connection to the action thriller movie “Divergent” and appears within the soundtrack, which is just as well since, this is currently the only way that we can own it for ourselves as of now in the UK, whilst from today our stateside friends are able to stock up on the remix bundle also.

Now see with the insight above, the accompanying all action, full-throttle video clip should all the more, elevate upon sense of purpose behind the whole package of lyrics and visuals