Watch “Fill Me Up” by New Portals

First let me say this! My enjoyment of the New Portals track “Stereo” knows no abounds. The Irish duo totally won me over when they dropped the quirky electronic bop a short while ago. I won’t hide the fact that it rapidly got to the point where I had become super obsessed with it.

Stereo” though, forms only part of New Portals latest release offerings. Being that it is the title track of the duo’s debut EP means that it resides among a short collection of tracks which map the evolving sound and gives a fuller taste of what the band are aiming to encapsulate. What you find in evidence throughout this EP, is a soundscape decked in hazy electronics guided by dreamlike, husky vocal tones. It’s profusion of eclectic sounds with an experimental slant which extends into the realms of the futuristic and otherworldly.

The focus now falls onto “Fill Me Up” another of the EP’s excellent tracks by way of brother Mike’s rolling electronics and sister Ruth’s lucidly radiant vocal direction, it further brings to light masterful skills in the areas of production and songwriting too. The sum of layering on swells of sonic sound like this, are in everyway heavenly.

The video see’s the sibling duo taking up the roles of judges for a local talent show. Comprised of ordinary folk chasing their dreams. It sends out the lasting message, that we are all individuals and are very much all unique in our own way.

If you’re a fan of expansively filtered electronica which forms a futuristic vibe and haven’t checked out the “Stereo” EP yet, I urge you to discover it now. As it feels a foregone conclusion that New Portals have so much more to offer.