The actress gene in Foxes breaks free to pull in a leading lady worthy perfomance on her forthcoming sophomore album’s follow-up single to the disco pop dazzling “Body Talk”.

Launched as part of the H&M Loves Music campaign, Foxes reveals a darker theme running through “Body Talk’s” sister single “Feet Don’t Fail Me Now”. One that concentrates upon the storytelling of a dysfunctional family situation, made up of a mother whose gone off the rails a bit, leaving her offspring to practically look after themselves with the main responsibilities bearing down on her daughter (played by Foxes) as she takes care of her younger brother.

However seemingly hard the home-life is around them both Foxes and her brother gain respite from their internal hardship by channelling into a little positive attitude which comes from Foxes encouraging her brother to see his dreams through of becoming a dancer.

It’s an endearing tale and in reality one that reminds to keep as upbeat as you can and never let go of your dreams if adversity should ever threaten to strike you down.

In keeping with the character of the visual narrative, the track itself centres upon openly honest lyrics that power through in the format of a thoughtful minded contemporary pop song.

Actually, I can’t help but beg the question for “Feet Don’t Fail Me Now’s” nevertheless catchy soul pop direction is so much directing me to share this comment; Is Foxes becoming the female version of Will Young, like the one in his “Friday’s Child” era ?. Hey that’s an interesting thought isn’t it? One I’d openly entertain as being a path I’d see quite suited for the de lovely super cute emerging pop star who is Louisa Rose Allen.