Undoubtedly “Homosexual,” the comeback album from Darren Hayes, is a record where he shares many lyrically poignant stories. A release in which Darren Hayes has reconnected both artistically and also on a personal level. Strikingly personal and confusional lyricism was shared, moreover, on the single releases “Let’s Try Being In Love,” “Do You Remember?” and “Poison Blood.” To tell the truth, earnest lyricism and raw yet, richly detailed narratives feature everywhere on “Homosexual.” It is unquestionably Darren’s career-best album in terms of authenticity, additionally when considering he created the body of work entirely on his own.

In support of the album Darren only just completed his “Do You Remember?” tour, which included 26 shows across three continents and won him widespread praise. Yet, it seems Darren Hayes “Homosexual” album era was not altogether tied up, as we might usually expect. Yesterday Darren took to his social media again with one more tease. Announcing a video for the track “Feels Like It’s Over,” was dropping later on Monday.

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In an emotionally charged and vulnerable song. “Feels Like It’s Over” charts at length the slow and painful demise of a relationship. Feelings of contempt seep in, nor is there willingness to put in the effort. The lyrics of the song validate this. “Dancing in circles. Avoiding the inevitable. It’s so polite, and that’s what’s breaking my heart. Because we don’t even fight for it.”

Darren’s confessional lyricism is all the more evocative in this track, which also arrives alongside a visually affecting video directed by Andrew Huebscher and co-starring Casey James. The clip depicts the sense of loss as a couple slowly drifts between a relationship and a friendship.

“Sunlight to sunset. Lovers to best friends. Making us feel like we’re strangers in strange beds. Fumbling through feelings, habitual dealings. Movie ended waiting for post-credit scenes yeah”.

In his music video for “Feels Like It’s Over,” Darren continues to remain true to himself when illustrating gay relationships authentically, just as he did in the clip “Let’s Try Being In Love.”

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