We look to music to help make us feel some kind of way. Introducing LA-based alt-pop newcomer Ellise with her pleasantly twisted pop tracks, who certainly will make you feel all of that. It is kind of hard to describe the signature sound of this newcomer, as Ellise packs a lot of stylizing into her largely avant-garde pop creations. If you’re looking for a comparative, Melanie Martinez meets Ava Max with a bubblegum aesthetic, sits quite well. As far as Ellise is concerned, bubblegum is the future. She’s readying her upcoming debut album, out later this spring. Judging by the lead-in tracks “Bubblegum Brain” and “Feeling Something Bad…” The debut offering looks set to mark her out on a distinctive and alluring path.

The track “Bubblegum Brain” garnered a lot of attention when it was released a month ago. Not least because the accompanying music video features drag superstar Shea Couleé, winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars season 5. As a first look into the album, the bubblegum taste served, smacked with a fizzy sour cherry tang. The music is buzzy yet, the vocals are haunting and curious. The follow-up release “Feeling Something Bad…” takes the aesthetic further. Ellise steps into the shadowy world of a Billie Eilish fever dream. Courting drama and emotion, the newcomer Ellise says the track is her I have a crush on you’ song, written about a boy she barely knew.

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On the track, Ellise’s doll-like voice is very distinctive and unique like you expect her to eat nothing but clouds of cotton candy. The lyrics paint a juxtaposing picture of the singer. They seem kind of cold and matter-of-fact and not in the least bit sickly sweet. Ellise really does thrive on being unconventional. I DO love it when pop artists go down this route, challenging stereotypes. But especially now, because with restrictions starting to lift, the in-isolation songs we’ve been fed this past year will suddenly give way to a glut of celebratory anthems. Ellise won’t get lost in the summer crush.

Take a look at the bordering on, creepy, intense music video it vibes like a modern update of a few scenes being lifted from the Bride of Frankenstein.

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