People have tried to get me on board about Caroline Rose before and have been unsuccessful in their quest. She’s quirky and cool they have insisted. Only, to be served with the reply, ‘but a little too way out there for my tastes.’ (Or words to this effect.) I would go so far to say, that I never expected Caroline Rose to make it onto my radar at all. Until, recently, when I’ve had it pointed out to me, that she is known to be a bit of a pop chameleon of sorts, and maybe, I would feel differently about her if I checked out her track “Feel The Way I Want.”

Where Rose has previously been boisterous and edgy, quite a turn around has occurred. Leading into the release of her third album “Superstar” she’s taking on indie-pop at full throttle like she never has before. What a revelation to find out while being her usual quirky self, she’s flexing new vibes and building on a synthy sound, which might easily be mistaken for a demo made by synth-pop provocateur Shura.

I hope it is not an anomaly, but “Feel The Way I Want” is easily the catchiest track Caroline Rose has ever made. Although this is a new groove for Caroline, in the scheme of things, the style sounds nu-retro kinda, vintage.

The goal of lead single “Feel The Way I Want” is to “have people, including myself, not know whether to love or hate this person. They’re kind of like a walking eye roll who’s easy to dismiss, but at the same time, you admire their determination. It’s the Kanye effect.” says Rose.

Where I haven’t known what to make of Caroline Rose before. Watching her self-directed video for “Feel The Way I Want” (shot entirely on i-phone with pal Kayhl Cooper.) Leads me to the conclusion that Caroline lives for the hyper colour. By bleaching her hair blonde, she is properly living up to the common belief that blondes have more fun, and then some. She knows she isn’t the coolest dancer yet, just styles out her impromptu choreography with a good-sized dollop of wit and humour. She made me laugh out loud today, and to be perfectly honest, very few music videos have the ability to make me raise a smile let alone, squeeze a chuckle out me. Caroline Rose did this!

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