You’d kind of expect two Dutchmen, musicians to link-up in collaboration wouldn’t you? Although maybe not especially so when one is Grammy-nominated, influential EDM, trance guy Armin van Buuren, while the other is the winner of Eurovision 2019, Duncan Laurence. Since his Eurovision win in Tel Aviv, Duncan has released a clutch of singles and his “Worlds on Fire” EP. Efforts, concentrating on the singer-songwriter vibes he has since become recognised for. Even though the Netherlands is regarded as a hotbed of EDM music. There has been no inkling, of any electronic stylizing, being welcomed in by Duncan. This was changed when Armin and Duncan crossed paths at an awards show. They consequently met up in the studio, worked on some demos and “Feel Something” came about.

The song appears on Duncan’s newly released debut album “Small Town Boy.” Although it’s groove is musically several steps away and bolder than the other twelve tracks which feature on the release. “Feel Something” appearance towards the end of the album hints at a possible change of direction on future tracks, maybe.

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What we now know is, with the backing of bolder, electronic beats behind him, the emotiveness and vulnerability felt in Duncan’s vocals, transcends above. In this respect “Feel Something” continues to sit within the lyrical singer-songwriter zone which encompasses the album. The song co-written with Leland talks about loneliness but where he’d rather, feel something than be numb. Does this mean, he is open to experience feelings of heartbreak, I guess it does, if it sparks off emotions within?

Feel Something” doesn’t necessarily feel like an Armin van Buuren track either. The synth-pop groove is not of the usual familiar sound, we associate with the Dutch EDM heavyweight. It feels like the track, has been an act of experimentation for both featured artists. Where the outcome was worked out favourably for everyone involved.

Perspex cube boxes and neon lights are the focus of the visuals. A, nod to the tracks, sense of remoteness. Also, a safe and eye-catching way of being social distance compliant and being able to tick off the health and safety checkbox.

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