I hope you’re in the mood for some good pop music today, readers? Because I’d like to share with you the latest track and video from the Nashville-based pop artist and songwriter Kev Kelly. This weekend he got my undivided attention with his new song “Faster.” Unlike many tracks today, this track does not come from a personal slant, which made it immediately appealing to me. While it is good that songwriters and lyricists are opening up authentically with their lyrics, more and more. I do miss the fun side of pop, sometimes (novelty songs excluded, obviously). “Faster” is the beginning of a bigger project from Kev Kelly. A two-part EP containing a complete story told in two parts.

“I hate when couples call each other ‘partners in crime,” proclaims Kev Kelly. “My guy, you’re going to Chipotle; you’re not committing federal offenses. So, what if you actually committed a crime together? Bet you’d turn on each other real quick, huh? Money feels better when you don’t have to share it. F*ck outta here.”

This is the inspiration behind Kelly’s newest single, “Faster,” the first release from his forthcoming two-part EP, “This Might Escalate… And Then Collapse“.

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I am hazarding a guess Kev might really like, movies and musicals. I feel both artistic mediums have had some influence on this project. Either way, a story running through a project is a cunningly good idea to keep his fans engaged with all of the new songs planned.

Musically Kev’s style reminds me of Alex Di Leo a little bit. They both hone a slick pop sound with catchy melodies and timeless appeal. The best part is, the music is easy on the ear but the music videos are places we can escape into.

Kev Kelly, I fall for the bait. After listening to and watching the first part of the “This Might Escalate… And Then Collapse story unfold. This project release is definitely one I plan to keep watching, not least because the music has pure pop flair. I also need to find out what happens next after Kev and his accomplice’s high-speed escape (as seen in the “Faster” video). “Faster” has got me all a sizzle, possibly a new obsession is brewing.

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