Iggy Charli

I can’t profess to being totally at one with the rap style of Iggy Azalea in anyway normally, team up with Charli XCX though and curiosity got the better of me.

I can appreciate that there is a definite art to being able to carry off your freestyle rap flow whilst being organically consistent with it, and it is evident to me now that Iggy is every way worthy of her noting as Australia’s rap siren.

As Iggy deals her slick double time flows on the verse structures of upcoming single “Fancy”, Charli XCX throws down her bubble goth retorting presence within the chorus and it all comes off mightily good, actually winning me over like I didn’t quite expect to be so much, but then I see that the production of The Invisible Men worked their magic on this, and quite when haven’t I liked, loved, (stroke) adored so much of their work.

So the video works itself around replicating the 90’s cult classic movie “Clueless”, giving both Iggy and Charli the opportunity to play at dress up, which of course they each style well.

Since listening to “Fancy” a full three times whilst writing up this feature, I am now fully succumbed into its intoxicatingly hypnotic grasp.