For any artist, putting out a release on the same day Lady Gaga made her comeback, would find it an incredibly daunting task drawing a crowd in. It is a different matter if your name is Harry Styles and you once belonged to the hottest boyband of the noughties, though. Since releasing the track “Adore You” and his sophomore album “Fine Line” in December. Harry has seen to it, that the pop world is bowing at his feet, once again. It has to be said, suspect “Fine Line” will most probably secure the most successful release of any of the post-One Direction recordings, from any band member. The biggest hint at the next single didn’t come from the usual channels like social media. Harry’s performance at the Brit Award Ceremony gave the indication that “Falling” would be earmarked as the new focus from the album.

It feels the appropriate time in the album promotion campaign to break away from the pop tracks and switch-up the mood with an emotively beautiful piano ballad. “Falling” provides this change in dynamic. We only have to listen to the lyrics to taste some of the emotion, Harry pours into the heartstring-tugging track. Without any shadow of a doubt, it is a proper break-up song.

I sat waiting for the video to premiere on YouTube and within seconds of the clip airing. I was rendered awestruck by the gorgeous interpretation of the deep sorrow, felt in the song lyrics. As Harry’s impassioned lamenting wasn’t enough. The dimly lit room where Harry is seated at a piano is another way to create a visible sense of sadness. Even the piano he sings to becomes overcome by emotion and erupts in a flood of water. There is no plug to pull out or tap that can be turned off, but the water continues to fill up the room like a bath-tub, and everything, including Harry, become submerged in the depths. Despite all this, Harry still manages to carry on singing. Such a skilled piece of underwater performance coming from Harry. So, captivating right up until the closing moment.

A most excellent music video. Although, poignant and incredibly moving at least there is no ugly crying to be found in the Dave Myers directed clip.

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