Singer-songwriter Emma McGrath is showing that she is unquestionably coming in her own, on latest release “Fall With You.” The Hertfordshire raised artist, recently won our blog support with her poignant track “Other Side,” a song which resonated with me especially, because of its skilled lyricism and emotive vocals. Since Emma self-released her first EP, “The Judgement” in November 2014, her journey is one which has seen her keeping on ascending with every step she makes. Remember, she is still only nineteen-years-old. She has set her path yet, with her latest run of releases it feels as though she is now in a place where she can take flight with her ideas, by turning them into hugely, credible pop songs.

“Sometimes you’ve got to fall to figure out where you’re going. When you do fall you realise that 99.9% of the time, it ends up in a good way,” says Emma, who admits she was inspired by her mother when writing the song: “she can be afraid of change and taking risks, so I wrote it with her in mind.”

Her, song-crafting has always been noted as one of Emma’s best assets. Once again, this is true of “Fall With You.” The beautiful, melody soars on the latest offering, giving us a proper hands-in-the-air style chorus. It is becoming, ever more important that an emerging artist’s repertoire includes a track, where the listener can really, become involved with the song. I am of the feeling “Fall With You” is every bit of that, for the singer. Emma McGrath has taken shape to be one of the groundbreaking acts to watch out for in 2020. Her forthcoming EP “Keep Your Eyes Open (Silent Minds Part II)” releases 17th January, and is the second in a series of three thematically linked EPs. With early tastes landing with “Other Side” and current focus track “Fall With You.” And with several more releases lined up, she is one we’re going to hear a lot more of, for sure.

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