Guess who is back and better than ever? you’re right, Adam Tyler is. Following up his debut “Shattered Ice”, Adam wants to show the world he is not done quite just yet and that he’s got some magical pop tricks under his sleeve – and maybe some dubspep too.

Adam Tyler’s last single “Like A Drug” hooked us in for weeks, but now comes the amazing “Fade Into The Light”. Sticking to his own creative and artistic vision, Adam Tyler serves us more of his amazing voice alongside the polished production on the single which is out-of-this-world.

We also get a slight Madonna homage in the form of Frozen realness in the video that pops in sync and creates a perfect playfulness with the camera. Although I would have liked to see dancers and choreography in the video, I think Adam nailed it for the first single in this new “Supernova Heart” era and left me curious about what else he’s done in the studio. I am truly proud to witness “Fade Into The Light” and I know Adam Tyler is on the way to be a big star. 

Now, let’s all dance, hunty! BOOM!