I am offended when people claim that electronic music cannot convey emotion like the blues or soul. The joy of electronic music is not just in the LED lights and fast tempo chord progressions. The new single from producer Jakwob introduces unbelievers to the sensitive side of electronic music. Jakwob is best known for featuring singers with an emotional delivery but often hides their story behind heavy bass lines. In “Fade” with singer Maiday, the beat maker turns off the dubstep and replaces it with moving piano keys and drum kicks. The mellow groove grabs your attention from the beginning showing that electronic music can indeed “get real.” Singer/songwriter Maiday is undoubtedly the icing on the cake in this heartfelt tune.

Many producers like DJ Shadow and Emancipator often refrain from guest vocals allowing their production to sell the emotional tone of the song. This method is similar to popular jazz music and the infamous guitar solo. While music is everything, nothing shows raw emotion like vocals. Some of the best jazz and blues songs are most recognized for its passionate singing accompanied by touching lyrics. Maiday gracefully captures the joy and pain of a broken heart with her soft tone and vocal arrangement. The lyrics are sung beautifully by the singer/songwriter and illustrates the beauty that lives within our pain. We can all relate to the beautiful realization of wanting our sparkle back.

“Fade” may not go down in history like “At Last,” but it will surely touch your heart just the same. You can download the “Fade” EP on March 17.