I have seen a lot of people starting to talk about the singer-songwriter, Kris James. So recently when EQ reader Conny wrote in to tip me off about him, it gave me, even more, good reason to check out the singer and his debut solo single “Eyes Open.”

This isn’t the first time out of the starters block for Kris, he’s had plenty involvement within the music industry for a number of years. Starting off with a stint in a 50s-influenced boy band, and thereafter as a co-founding member of London based pop-rock band The Scheme (their music sounded a lot like how Lawson, used to sound.) He has since, taken the plunge to go solo and see what becomes of it, hoping for a third time, lucky break. Heading out on his solo venture, Kris hasn’t completely abandoned the pop-rock vibe, but his voice does seem to be better suited in a pop-sensible vein than it does rock. In so saying, the song does tick some boxes for me, I see the potential he holds as a singer enough, though I’d much prefer the slider, slipped down a bit on the rock element of this song overall. I’ve cut him some slack because of his poster boy looks, I mean who wouldn’t?

Citing his influences in music stemming from Ryan Tedder of One Republic and Chris Martin from Coldplay, you can definitely hear the inspiration of these artists come through in “Eyes Open.” The song is about being in that uncomfortable relationship we are all likely to experience at least one time in our lives. There’s only so long you can brave it out before you can take no more of the toxic effect it is having on you, leaving you to slam the door on your way out.

The song has an immediately appealing quality to it, as does his voice. Kris James, the solo artist, does show potential, he is half-way to winning me over.

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