Ahead of her live show at The MINT, LA, this Saturday, July 6th, emerging singer-songwriter and producer Sophie Grey. has shared a new video for her track “Eyes.” The intriguing song is lifted from her debut EP “Grise,” released last year. And one where Sophie flexes her love for an 80s aesthetic into action.

Notably, whereas the “Grise” EP offers an eclectic mix featuring hazy synths, soulful vocals, a touch of the 80s, and hints of pop/rock and hip-hop. The track “Eyes” sees Sophie wheel out the synths and lean into spookily, suspense-filled, thriller-like inspiration in a music video directed by Maximillian Stafford.

Since it hasn’t been much of a summer weatherwise and presumably because she is a bona fide Halloween fan. Sophie is taking it upon herself to launch head-first into Summerween, bringing some creepy and somewhat unsettling vibes to light both in her song and video for “Eyes“.

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Listening closely to the lyrics, without a doubt, all is clearly not what it seems. “I turned around and I felt that eyes were staring at me. Two red dots watch the back of my head, nothing else was seen.” the lyrical narrative imparts. And yet, preceding the immediate sinister tone, a twist in this tale manifests. Could it be that Sophie is developing a crush on her stalker? I mean, like going so far as pondering going out on a date! I know bat shit crazy right,? and not something you’d expect from a sweet-looking girl such as Sophie. However, that pretty much sums up this song’s premise.

Furthermore, translating the lyrical narrative into a music video, director Maximillian Stafford transports Sophie into her own thrilleresque-styled mini-movie. The clip leaves us with the burning questions. Will Sophie work out the identity of her stalker? And what will Sophie do next?

To the above, I add, undoubtedly, she will captivate us with something authentically unique, as this is where Sophie Grey., truly excels. Her unconventional charm sets her apart as someone truly captivating.

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