Correct me if I’m completely wrong on this, by my reckoning, I can’t recall since the days of “System Addict” sibling pop group 5 Star that we last had a full blown family band made-up brothers and sisters that took to the music scene.

So in this respect, I’m finding it kinda retro cute in this day and age that 6 siblings (4 brothers, 2 sisters) are united as a family unit in music too.

The Patalinghug siblings come together to be known as Jagmac, a name which is derived from the initial letters of each of the siblings Christian names. And they do look super cute together don’t they!

As a family band of a sizeable number, you might at first be expecting that swooping harmonies would play a dominant part in their music, in ensuring that each member gets there moment on the mic. Not entirely so with Jagmac, they are bang up to speed in today’s youth culture, debuting with a pop, rapping urban fusion. Alright with the odd harmony tossed in here and there for good measure, but not merely as a main focus.

The low down is, debut track “Existence” has the best opening bars I’ve heard in a while, my ears did perk up at the statement clanging intro. What follows on in general are good polished vocal performances if a little less impacting than my raised expectations after that attention grabbing intro though. Even though there are 6 of them, Jagmac might not be in the 5 Star league at the moment. Although, they have set out on the right footing, the potential is definitely here and coming through.

We’re giving Jagmac a break, cuz aside from their obvious vocal talents, they each at some point leap around like crazy ninja’s in the video and we’ve heard they bring this to their stage performance also. Now if this scenario doesn’t scream of Jagmac’s candidacy as being put forward for some Anime loveage at some future point, I don’t know what does!