Bright Light Bright Light

Photo: Alex Petch

EQ’s we are going to take a borrow of Bob Geldof’s hat for a moment, as chances are you might already be owning the album version of the Bright Light Bright Light track – but, we NEED you to do more. We NEED you to buy it again, for some very important reasons we are about to discuss here.

There’s not much you can do, we feel, to improve upon an already heart-warmingly given performance by Bright Light Bright Light, especially when it falls to the dreamily earnest synth-pop ballad and “Life Is Easy” album opener “Everything I Ever Wanted”, for it is a track which is blissfully presented.

In taking “Everything I Ever Wanted” up to an even more joyously heartening level Bright Light Bright Light has turned to London’s LGBT Choir The Pink Singers to assist and further enhance upon the rousing spirit of the track, to which they do so with simply compelling and heart glowing intensity.

In keeping with the upbeat theme to which the song lends itself, the video also takes to the emotion of celebration acted out by next generation kids living out their child-hood hanging out with their friends, with a special nod to LGBTPride’ symbolism sought through the use of Indian headdress props.

Such a lovely one is Rod Thomas, the fella behind the Bright Light Bright Light moniker whose music we have become rather captivated by for quite some time now, that Rod has specifically chosen to highlight this stunning track to act in recognition to World AIDS Day with a 20p portion of each download being donated in support of the Elton John AIDS Foundation.

EQ asks of you politely that you might now take stock and consider a clicky clicky of the button directly below, and if you can participate – we’ll be your friends ever.