As no surprise! Nordic and Scandinavian countries are again producing some amazing new music. I am delighted to hear ALMA share a brand-new song and announce her sophomore album slated for 2023. Watching ALMA’s virtual reality live show for the album release of “Have U Seen Her?” in 2020 was my last memory of her.

Her return, however, brings change with it. The trademark neon-bright hair is out. She opts for flaming orange these days. (The witty remarks about the old hair resembling ‘Billie Eilish‘ were getting stale anyway.) The hair is not the only thing ALMA is giving an overhaul. The music, while still embracing pop, on “Everything Beautiful” takes on board more of an alt-pop edge. Listening to the track play over a few times. I feel this is the genuine, authentic ALMA. The one who was hiding behind dance-pop collaborations and saccharine-hued bops.

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Teaming up with Max Grahn previously, of Swedish rock band Carolina Liar, for the new track. (Co-writer and production). ALMA truly lives up to the cyber goth moniker she has earned over the years. She has always been a powerhouse. “Everything Beautiful” is where this all measures up phenomenally.

Everything Beautiful” dies is my way of saying that I care and I’m here to learn – but I also sometimes just wanna close my eyes and be naive and stupid. Cause that’s life,” says Alma.

The Nicolee Tsin-directed video for the track. Shows ALMA strolling through the one of London’s beautiful parks. She has a caterpillar-cocoon carefully balanced on her hand. Later on, the insect emerges into a butterfly. ALMA is being symbolic, yes. The lifespan of a butterfly is very short, yes. Is she also hinting at us about change or changes to come? With the music perhaps? My feeling is maybe also, yes. The next few months will give us answers as the sophomore album campaign kicks in. Just now, I am simply fine with enjoying the new-wave-ish feel of this spectacular comeback song.

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