At last, an Alfie Templeman track has arrived I am enthusiastic to get behind. The Bedfordshire teenager is regarded as the hottest emerging act in indie-pop right now. He even coveted a spot on the now annual airing of the much-revered TV music programme Top Of The Tops over Christmas 2020. Alfie also appears on every notable tastemakers ‘Ones to Watch’ list for 2021. By his own admission, he is foremost more of a musician than a singer. However, over the past twelve months has definitely been growing into the singing part. He has dazzled me with funk-pop flavoured “Everybody’s Gonna Love Somebody,” the second track lifted off his upcoming EP “Forever Isn’t Long Enough“.

I love that Alfie considers himself a genreless music artist. Not pigeonholing the music into a specific signature style could be the stroke of genius which affords him longevity in the long haul. Indeed “Everybody’s Gonna Love Somebody” is poles apart musically from his earlier offerings. The latest track is mellow, smoother, it has grooves. The heat of summer. Radio 1 have been keen Templeman champions, the track will garner a lot of airplay. Being that the track is his most mainstream appealing effort by far. Interest in Alfie is sure to intensify while the EP release continues to shape up.

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I can think of nothing more pleasurable right now than sitting out on my patio, enjoying the warmth of the sun with “Everybody’s Gonna Love Somebody” plugged into my ears. It is the soundtrack to summer, living carefree and switching into downtime mode. Being honest, when I discovered the track on my weekly Spotify round-up, I didn’t think I would listen to more than a few seconds of it. When tuned in, a sense of calm soon descended on me, as though experiencing the longest exhale ever. The last year has been tough for everyone the lastest Alfie Templeman effort acts as a release from all of that in music form.

How have team Templeman gotten around the social distancing restrictions when filming the music video. With Alfie taking a drive with a Hugh Purves designed puppet sidekick named Brian who looks uncannily like Cookie Monster from Sesame Street, but green. I’m speaking about the puppet, not Alfie. The things about puppets are they are permitted to throw their arms around one another to embrace, giving big, soft puppetry hugs. Lets out another le sigh, but this track is so nostalgically, brilliantly good.

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