Until now. I recall writing about Two Door Cinema Club once on this blog. Upon checking it out, we ran a feature in 2013. The piece came soon after the band’s frontman Alex Trimble, put in a performance at the London 2012 Olympics. He was enlisted to perform the Rick Smith (of Underworld) penned track “Caliban’s Dream” as part of the cauldron lighting ceremony. To this end. A decade on, I am putting pen to paper once more to speak about “Everybody’s Cool,” the latest focus track from the band’s newly released sky-reaching, the euphoric indie-pop album “Keep On Smiling“.

I will admit. I had forgotten about Two Door Cinema Club (How dare I). This was until their mailing list subscription I signed up to probably years ago, started to churn out new updates. This is what prompted me to take a look at the Northern Irish trio again.

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Question. Were you a fan of Talking Heads in the 80s, the band helmed by David Bryne? More specifically. For this instance, were you enamoured with the band’s iconic but gloomily euphoric anthem “Road to Nowhere“. If yes, I am of the idea that the new Two Door Cinema Club album will spark a nostalgic appeal among those who hold the pop of Talking Heads most dear. On the album. The track “Everbody’s Cool” is where I notice the comparison the most. The music exhibits a quirky off-centre quality. A punchy rhythm brings the music and the vocal together with a liberal dusting of synth shimmer.

Moreover. As illustrated by per the whimsical videos of Talking Heads for “Road to Nowhere” and “Sledgehammer,” by Peter Gabriel. Two Door Cinema Club follow suit with the nonsensical, visually creative treatment of their track, “Everybody’s Cool“.

What they did here with the help of graphic design artist Jack Pell. In a word, this is how you make a music video a memorable watch.

The album ”Keep On Smiling” is out now – check it out HERE

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