After last year’s cancellation, Eurovision is very, much happening this year. The artist and song selection process has been in full swing for months. Perhaps the most notable of all, Sweden’s Melodifestivalen draws to a climax this week. As you would expect the creme de la creme of Sweden’s music artists have been competing for the coveted spot in the competition. Eric Saade has thrown his hat into the ring again with the track “Every Minute.” A slick R’n’B infused pop track co-written with Jimmy Thörnfeldt, Joy and Linnea Deb. With excitement starting to build for “Every Minute” Could Eric be on his way to Rotterdam? 

The track isn’t as electrifying as previous Melodifestivalen entries “Popular,” or “Manboy” or catchy as Eric’s most recent crack at the competition with “The Sting.” “Every Minute” has different charms. A different feel. For a different place in time. A smooth, dreamier groove with more of an R’n’B aesthetic in place, corresponding with the recent trends in pop. Eurovision aficionados love Eric Saade. His participation in the selection process won’t have gone unnoticed by the wider music community. In fact, Eric has got all bases covered in case victory eludes him. A new track “Day & Night” is scheduled for release this Friday 12th March. Do I smell a tactical move or what?

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Before we jump two steps ahead, let’s enjoy Eric’s very white, minimalist video for “Every Minute.” (Incidentally, it is the first track he’s sung in English for four years.) Take care to appreciate each and every “Oh, na-na-na-na-na” because there are quite a few of them. When the track hots up in the mid-section the video creates some hot steam of it’s, own. At least I feel suitably warmed up after watching the clip more than a couple of times. Once a dreamboat, still a dreamboat. If you’re in the least bit wondering, Eric is still the hottie you remember. Hot damn, damn, damn. Ahem, I wouldn’t be in the least bit displeased if he was selected to go to Rotterdam for Eurovision.

For the first time ever, English commentary will be available for this year’s final of Melodifestivalen, which will be held on Saturday. A live stream with English commentary will be available via the SVT Play website.

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