Since I recently raised a review upon MNEK’s debut “Every Little Word” and subsequently since I have now worn in a few further listens of the soulful funk masterpiece, I have arrived in pinpointing that the urban soul gravitated sensation MNEK strikes upon similar vocal tonalities to that suited of Sam Sparro.

There is no questioning upon the magnetism and magnitude that dominates in every direction through the presentation and production of “Every Little Word”, as it is top notch in every sense of meaning.

To complete the promotional package the accompanying video has now arrived. Set with MNEK very much centre stage as the focal point, you can simply seize upon the hot buzz of rising star potential that is given off via the engaging pieces to camera that are for the most part is given extra weight by a suitably chic and funkadelic cast of performers that step up to the frame assisting with applicably in-keeping characterized nuances.

The cast and MNEK are just jamming it out in vocal and visual support of one another and they’re jamming it out good, even though it maybe a smidgeon dizzying at times with the continuous 360 camera rotations. At one point there’s a dude parked on a toilet which is sign-written with the lyrics “Do you fuck to this shit”, plonked right in the middle of it.

All shades of: Amusing. Entertaining. Witty, but nothing can defer that track itself is
killer vanilla in dopeness.