If you woke up today, thinking to yourself, today will be the day Robyn releases a new music video. Here is some excellent news. Today, Robyn has released the track “Ever Again” lifted off latest album “Honey“, as a single. Miles better than that. She has also serviced, the music video for the single as well. While, additionally, announcing she will be playing five tour dates in North America during July. Amazingness whichever way you look at it, especially with “Ever Again” being such a bittersweet moment of coolness from the album.

It would be pointless to hide the fact that I’ve been feeling quite deflated, at the run of music videos during this campaign from Robyn. Little of what these visual elements to date have given has stuck or made a memorable impact on me. It is a shame because previous to “Honey” she has had some pretty awesome videos in her repertoire. In truth, I’m still smarting a bit that there wasn’t a film clip in support of “Missing U“. Having just watched the beautifully elegant and arty clip for “Ever Again” I do now feel at ease and compensated for the calibre of visual treatments I’ve been seeking from the “Honey” campaign all along.

If today, was the day you woke up thinking that Robyn would release a music video where she sensuously straddles a microphone stand while dressed as a Greek Goddess. Then you must either have the abilities to tap into some, strange sixth sense or either be clairvoyant. As this is the exact mood, she is down for portraying in the resplendently emotive Colin Solal Cardo directed clip. Nothing could fit more perfectly for this track. Just by watching it I am feeling breathless. Le sigh. Gorgeous.

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