It is quite a thing for an artist that is so inventively and steadfastly creative as Imogen Heap, that we come to expect that every thing they put out will be in-keeping with the formula. So, it does come as a sprung surprise when it is infact the exact opposite to which we are given in the visual treatment that goes alongside “Entanglement” a track off of Imogen’s newly released album “Sparks”.

Since the visual is approached with simple camera shots and close-ups featuring Imogen and her filmmaker partner Michael Lebor captured intimately but tastefully so, making their own body entanglements in the bedroom environment.

Certainly captured in visions of love and happiness and suited to the sensuality of the track itself, it does in-part add further thought to the on-going debate surrounding the possible implementation of serving age-ratings upon pop videos, but to honest with you I’m seeing “Entanglement” simply of being made of the most beautiful artistic intentions.

Due to Imogen’s recent news of an imminent happy event (she’s expecting a child) shows around the release of “Sparks” will be few and far between, although opportunity to catch Immi live as part of the Reverb Festival that she has curated at the Roundhouse in London is the best bet this Sunday 24th August. (Ticketing info Here)