If my memory serves me right, the last I heard of Claire was the unfortunate incident of the Munich band having their instruments, equipment and van stolen when they came over to the UK a couple of years ago. Thankfully there was to be some sweet comfort down the line, when their belongings turned up in Lithuania.

From that day to this though, all seemed to fall silent where Claire were concerned. Although, it now appears they’d merely stepped back into the studio and ignited their creative spark to at some point return with a new album. Well Claire are putting this into action now. They’ve just announced their sophomore album “Tides” is scheduled for a spring release and along with it comes “End Up Here” and a slight change in direction, albeit remaining electronic driven.

Two years down the line, Claire have moved away from the indie electronic model and can now be found slinking into dreamier, organically spun melodics.

They set it to a video where there’s some young person’s trekking through an island and living the life through the land. At times it looks as though they are really toughing it out but as we go on to learn, nature has its own way of rewarding them.