Eves The Behaviour

I’ve been hearing word about the young Australian artist Eves The Behavior aka Hannah Karydas circulating for sometime now and she has been actively gaining on picking up a generous dose praise for her largely cinematic debut efforts.

Despite Eves The Behavior’s enigmatic exterior what lies beneath the shroud of mystery that her music and persona is greatly evocative of, is a strong sense of artistic worth and open command of her performance.

Eves The Behavior’s melding of a bittersweet stinging vocals backed against a swelling eruption of dreamy electronic vibes distinctly draws comparisons in, to that of Chvrches and Tove Lo to a certain extent and upcoming release “Electrical” should be considered as her most pop effort yet.

Karydas take on shimmery ethereal pop really is accomplished beyond her years. She is enigmatic but engaging at the same time and I can’t help but pick up an immensely pronounced hit of synth-pop opulence breaking through the utopian met electronic hues that here present themselves like gilded waves glinting across the horizon caught beneath a setting a sun. Yes that is the picture it conjures up!

This however, couldn’t be further removed than what Eves The Behavior has in store for the accompanying video, as it is seen to base itself around a storyline driven of surreal experiences, folklore and religion (is she a fan of Game Of Thrones we are given to ask ourselves?) which first began in Eves The Behavior’s previous visual “TV” and will further stretch into realising itself as a trilogy into the release of her upcoming debut EP.

Electrical” is mightily powerful and altogether seeping with beguiling force. So captivated am I, I am hanging on her very words “I am nothing more than skin and bone with wires that make me tremble” until the next Eves The Behavior track appears.