Without a doubt electronic pop duo Solomon Grey are one of the most impressively pristine sets of craftsmen making intelligently thought out electronica, that are breaking out at the moment.

Having already witnessed the greatness of previous releases “Firechild” and “Gen V”, it is pleasing to know that a full album is to be forthcoming later this year, although, but not before Solomon Grey work in some festival dates and shows this summer or the issuing of a new single (which incidentally is where the duo are at right now.)

Ready for launch comes new single “Electric Baby”, bringing with it much the same anticipated level of perfect electronic engineering. Seamlessly bound by their captivating power of know-how and onwardly earning the revered esteem that the visionaries are so deserving of, the track further delivers a quality insight into the artistry that is woven into the entire package of a Solomon Grey production.

With the accompanying thermal-imaged film clip a near art piece in itself, (the effects of which make for a stunning visual experience on it’s own) the complete enterprise becomes ever more so engaging when the full spectacle of striking presence of the soundtrack also kicks in.

Solomon Grey maybe considered as an emerging act right of now, yet with their increasing arsenal of timeless classics consistently filtering their way out of their creative production pot, the sheer strength and staying power which is already clearly in evidence only goes to raise the expectancy of a successfully fruitful and long lasting music career.