Sia’s gutsy”Elastic Heart” has already lived a life as part of the Hunger Games “Catching Fire” soundtrack of 2013, yet it’s further inclusion on Sia’s latest album “1000 Forms Of Fear” has only served to project the tracks worth as one of the outstanding highlights of this candidly performed project.

In bringing this valiantly fuelled power ballad to life, Maddie Ziegler reprises her role in portrayal of representing Sia and is joined in the action of a heated expressive dance-orientated duel with actor Shia LaBeouf starring opposite.

The dance performance arena is formed within a cage, where the pair are seen to rage hard and actively psyche each other out, to the point of realising through all of the upheaval and struggles their
ying and yang concepts are ultimately what brings them together.

Chandelier” carried us through the whole of 2014, and as much as I adore “Elastic Heart” and prayed to the pop gods for it’s own official release, I’m now holding out on the hope that there will be more forthcoming from the outstanding album “1000 Forms Of Fear” which earned itself a prominent placing on our end of year Top 20 Album Listing