Synonymous with her role as singer of the 80s girl group Atomic Kitten. Natasha Hamilton is now embarking on a solo music career. The notable actress and mother of five begins a new chapter as an independent artist, She is releasing the track “Edge Of Us,” a pop-dance crossover effort. That similarly showcases her soulfully commanding pop diva-like vocals. That moreover, were somewhat not given the potential to shine out during her girl band era.

Atomic Kitten was all about pop blended with a soulful edge and dreamy harmonies. A girl band very much of the time, their cheeky pop packages are vibrant and fun in contrast to other notable pop bands from around at the time, like All Saints. Whereas, more often than not it is vocalist Kerry Katona of Atomic Kitten stealing newspaper and TV headlines. Natasha was always the true vocal powerhouse of the trio. And her new music will definitely prove a testament to such.

Natasha has unleashed her soulful power by collaborating with the talented songwriting team. Consisting of Ben Wynter, Dominic Husbands, Gabi Feldman, and Lee Hing Coa. In “Edge Of Us,” she passionately communicates the empowering message of finding the courage to break free from situations and relationships that do not resonate with our values and life choices.

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Natasha comments…

This song resonates as a powerful anthem of resilience, inspiring people to embrace their inner strength and make bold, transformative choices.”

In the music video for “Edge Of Us,” Natasha confidently asserts her position as a pop diva while celebrating the empowering essence of womanhood. She exudes a goddess-like presence, both in terms of historical significance and her musical persona.

Specifically, by debuting this track, Natasha is showing other women that you can be a mother, wife and businesswoman all at the same time. To keep empowering women of today and the women of the future. Furthermore, to keep reaching for their dreams and have nothing come between that. 

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