Tell me, since when did The Green Children switch to being known as TGC? We have been writing about Milla and Marlow the masterminds behind the duo since 2010. I didn’t know they had undergone a slight abbreviated name change. It must have happened around the release of their last album “Connection” which in some way explains how I came to lose track of them. The penny dropped when I received a press release about a mysterious duo called TGC and their new song “ECG.” To be honest, I didn’t even recognise them from their press photo at first, as The Green Children I remembered, were very much children of nature. And, at the time always seemed to be surrounded by greenery and shrubbery (hence their name.)

The music through time though has always radiated with an eclectic air of enchanting wonderment. This helped them to stand apart from, so many other electronic-pop duos. I am happiest to know TGC haven’t departed from producing this otherworldly sound. Dreamy synth-pop is still their thing, as it very much has been all along. On latest offering “ECG”, the duo return in fine form, adding more touches of lo-fi and ethereal sound with sweet vocal, a top. This transitions well to suit our autumnal music vibed frame of mind.

On the latest single, TGC comment:

“ECG is about an undeniable love attraction to someone you shouldn’t really be with. It was one of those songs that came to us very quickly which is usually a good sign.”

But still, TGC knit together a fascinating blend of electronic and organic tones that combine to create something undeniably special. The music video is a vastness of white on white. Where Milla looks every inch an angel. However, she doesn’t she doesn’t appear to have earnt her wings. Happen, this is because of her tempting thoughts about a certain tall, dark smoke-breathing stranger. I kid you not, the fella she’s interested seemingly exhales clouds. I’m a little confused but even more so when Milla mysteriously gets doused in green slime and Marlow appears to clean up the mess, looking like an unlikely Ghostbuster.

Check it out for yourselves, and I urge you to draw your own conclusions. If you’d like to share your thoughts with us why not drop us a comment on our Facebook page.

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