It’s been a while coming at us but here we have a new video from empowering industrial pop maestro Garek.

The above mentioned title says it all doesn’t it, it’s a Katy Perry cover which has just been released as Garek’s follow up release to “Save The Queen” which we wrote about and waxed lyrical in praise about in the first instance a couple of years ago.

Ordinarily, Katy Perry’s glossy pop approach slides right off of my radar, but I felt having had a interpretation from Garek it would well be worth a listen and viewing to see how differently in artistry Garek has carved this one out.

Hell to the yeah, Garek has gone all Brian Molko / Marilyn Manson on us! This cover is ROAR! It is snakey, compelling and totally intoxicating.

Normally I get a touch miffed when pop peeps release cover songs as singles – but not this time. Garek’s cover of “E.T.” is immensely smoking my boots right now!

Oh the video of course is suitably off the scale. Dressed in targeted caricature to pop Queens Katy and Lady Gaga where they are seen to reinvent Garek into this Molko/Manson hybrid. Quite honestly I find this the best work they’ve never done together.